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Størrelse: 10cm x 2cm 11.5cm x 2.5cm 12.5

The Natural Love Company


399 kr.
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Introducing Hyssop, the ultimate exploration kit for those looking to delve into the world of anal pleasure. This 4-piece butt plug set, with its classic curves and crafted from the softest silicone, offers a spectrum of sensations designed to elevate your anal play experience. Picture this: Hyssop's base, secured firmly to the glossy floor beneath you, its presence undeniable as you position yourself above it. The anticipation crackles like electricity in the air, thick with desire. Slowly, you lower yourself, the silicone yielding yet insistent, promising a depth of pleasure yet unexplored. Beside you, your partner watches, their breath hitched, caught in the thrall of your shared ecstasy. You lean in, your lips finding their skin, a delicate dance of give and take, as Hyssop takes you both to the brink of a pleasure so profound, it threatens to unravel the very fabric of your being.

So, what is a suction butt plug, anyway? A suction butt plug comes equipped with a sturdy base that allows it to adhere securely to flat surfaces like a hard floor or a mirror. This ingenious feature transforms it from a simple plug into a dynamic toy that invites you to explore a variety of positions and settings, all without using your hands. Whether you're indulging in solo play or spicing things up with a partner, suction butt plugs offer a unique way to experience anal stimulation, providing both stability and the exciting possibility of discovering new angles and depths of pleasure. With Hyssop's set, you're not just getting a range of sizes: you're unlocking endless possibilities for exploration and enjoyment!

Hyssop's set ranges from beginner-friendly sizes to more substantial options, ensuring a gradual and comfortable journey into anal exploration. Each plug, with its tapered design, allows for a gentle insertion process, inviting you to experiment with depth and intensity at your own pace. Starting small and progressing to larger sizes allows for a tailored experience that respects your comfort and curiosity.

Dimensions for your pleasure journey include:
The introductory size at 10cm x 2cm (4"" x 0. 8""), perfect for first-time explorers.
A step up at 11. 5cm x 2. 5cm (4. 5"" x 1""), for when you're ready to venture a bit further.
An intermediate size at 12. 5cm x 3. 5cm (5"" x 1. 4""), offering a fuller sensation.
The most substantial option at 16cm x 4cm (6"" x 1. 6""), for the experienced adventurer looking for a more intense experience.

Enhance your journey with Hyssop by coupling it with our Simply Lube organic lubricants, guaranteeing each exploration is not only smooth and sensational but also conscientious towards our planet. Embracing a 'planet first' philosophy, Hyssop reaches you in entirely plastic-free packaging, cradled in an attractive cotton drawstring bag for discreet and convenient storage. Immerse yourself in the enriching experience of Hyssop, where eco-friendly practices merge seamlessly with the pursuit of pleasure, creating deeply satisfying moments that are as mindful as they are memorable.
The Natural Love Company
399 kr.
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