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farve: 0008
Størrelse: 8cm x 5cm

The Natural Love Company


449 kr.
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"F**k yourself. Not the planet." - Køb et produkt fra The Natural Love Company og få en sjov og sassy tote bag med i købet. Værdi: 199,-. Gælder så længe lager haves. Kun ét stk. per ordre.

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Introducing Boronia, the epitome of sleek simplicity and shared pleasure. This slim, unassuming penis ring is a game-changer for couples, offering dual delight in a rather elegant package. The flexible ring, made from the smoothest silicone, snugly embraces the penis, enhancing endurance and erection strength for an extended ballet of intimacy, whilst the ergonomically shaped and large surface area vibrating pad will embrace the clitoris regardless of the position.

In the dim light, Boronia's soft hue becomes part of him, an extension of desire. As he enters you, the vibrations from the ring pulsate directly against your clitoris, a sensation so exquisite it steals your breath. Each thrust is amplified, the ring's embrace on his shaft enhancing every movement, every connection of his body to yours. You're acutely aware of the firmness it grants him, prolonging this dance of intimacy, allowing the waves of pleasure to build higher, more desperate. Your hands grip the sheets, your body arching to meet his rhythm, craving the crescendo that Boronia promisesa climax that threatens to shatter you both into a million stars, leaving you entwined, spent, and irrevocably bonded.

So, what is a cock ring, anyway? At its core, a cock ring is a circle of pleasure, designed to be worn around the base of the penis. Its primary purpose? To restrict blood flow and thus, enhance both the firmness and the duration of an erection. But that's just the beginning.

Modern cock rings like Boronia take this concept to new heights, integrating features that cater not just to the wearer but to their partner as well. With the addition of a vibrating element, a cock ring transforms into a dual-action delight. It's a seamless blend of functionality and pleasure, ensuring that both partners experience intensified sensations during their most intimate moments.

In essence, a cock ring is a small device with a big impact. Whether used to prolong pleasure or to add a new dimension to your intimate encounters, it's a versatile tool that enhances the sexual experience for everyone involved. With Boronia, this classic concept is reimagined for contemporary pleasure, proving that sometimes, the simplest additions can lead to the most profound connections.

Despite its compact design, Boronia packs a surprising array of 10 distinct modes, each meticulously crafted to amplify pleasure for both the penis and clitoris simultaneously. It's a symphony of stimulation, designed to resonate with every touch, every pulse.

For an experience as smooth as Boronia's design, we suggest a dab of our organic lubricant on the inside of the ring. It glides onto the penis with ease, ensuring a fit that's both snug and supremely comfortable. Boronia is more than just a cock ring: it's a passport to a world of mutual pleasure, where every moment is a shared adventure.
Boronia steps up the game with its 10 unique vibration patterns, offering everything from a gentle whisper to full power vibrations that'll have you both in the throes of ecstasy. Whether you're all about that slow burn or craving a rush of intensity, Boronia's got your back. Wrapped in silky, smooth silicone, it's not just about the snug fitit's about sending those vibes right where they count. And hey, because Boronia loves a bit of adventure, it's completely waterproof. So, go ahead, make a splash in the shower or take things deep in the bath. With Boronia, your shared moments of bliss are just a button push away.

Elevate your experience by pairing Boronia with our Simply Lube organic lubricants, ensuring every encounter is smooth, sensational, and kind to the planet. And because we're all about that 'planet first' mindset, Boronia comes to you in completely plastic-free packaging, nestled within a charming cotton drawstring bag for discreet storage between those unforgettable sessions. Dive into the delightful world of Boronia, where sustainability and pleasure go hand in hand, crafting moments of intimacy that feel as good as they are responsible.
The Natural Love Company
449 kr.
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